DC Champion just got his gauntlet to save the entire universe

Warning! Spoilers ahead to Generations Shattered # 1 Dan Jurgens, Robert Vendetti, Andy Schmidt

In the new Generations Torn From DC Comics, time itself collapses after events Dark Nights: The Metal of Death. Large portions of DC’s schedule are disappearing and wiped out of existence due to the presence of time storms, and one DC hero has been chosen to unite a team across the timelines to save the DC Universe. Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth is that hero, and the old and dying supportive gold gives Kamandi a time travel challenge that we hope saves him all from his erasure.

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Kamandi is the creation of the amazing Jack Kirby, a boy who lives after the colossal apocalypse that causes animals to evolve and their intelligence, while humans come back into existence as a monster. as such, Kamandi is known as the last boy on Earth. during Generations shattered, His world fades away due to a time storm. Fortunately, Kamandi was found by the aforementioned Booster Gold before the end of everything during this point in time, as he tasked the boy with completing the task that he could not complete.

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With not much time left, the Booster Gold offers Kamandi with the Skeets robot. In The Adventures of Booster Gold, Skeets acted as his partner in the flying robot that helped him travel back in time, while also providing instructions and information about the different time periods that the Booster would find himself in. However, Booster has since turned Skeets into a sturdy glove that can now be worn on Kamandi’s arm. With Skeets, Kamandi is now able to travel back in time To locate the team of heroes and warriors needed to save time flowDespite his apparent lack of experience and fear. With mere seconds remaining, Kamandi and his new crew Skeets head into the temporal flow to save the universe, having no choice but to leave the dying backer behind.

Just like another strong Marvel Comics challenge, The new Kamandi glove carries an insane amount of strength, which of course carries a great deal of risk. For now, it looks as though Skeets is running the show and “driving” for the time being, while Kamandi is along in the ride and grabbing the most wanted heroes at their destinations. Kamandi ends up recruiting heroes like the Superboy from the Legion of Superheroes, Sinestro since when it was still a Green Lantern, And Batman from 1939, who naturally found time travel incredible.

In any case, it would be interesting to see if Kamandi would gain more agency with his sturdy gauntlet, or whether he would continue to go wherever Skeets says they should. With the team now assembled, we hope they can save time regardless, and Kamandi can return to his time and life once he gets it back. However, He is responsible for the time storms known as Dominus He scattered the combined heroes into different time periods, and Kamandi and Skeets might be the only ones able to pull them back together again Generations shattered It continues from DC Comics.

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