Cyberpunk 2077 save game error and temporary fix

Today we look forward to the Cyberpunk 2077 update (1.1 patch) and its aftermath. There are some spooky situations happening with this latest update, including Takemura’s character. Once the bug takes hold, Takemura begins to stare at you. In the upper-left corner of the screen, Takemura is sitting there on his square, staring … and staring.

This bug isn’t just staring at you – Takemura’s appearance and constant creep act as a hindrance to progress throughout the rest of the game. You can keep playing, sure, but progress stops scoring for you, called V.

If you are facing this issue, there is a temporary solution, but it requires that you previously saved the game sometime before the crawl started. If you have such a save, you’ll need to go ahead and download the aforementioned games (saved before Takemura and V left Wakako’s office.)

Once you’ve loaded the previous games, go ahead and resume your conversation with Takemura out of the office right away. Once done with the conversation, skip 23 hours once the task is updated.

The last step, like Noted by CD Projekt RED, Is “see if the conference call will start and start the dialogue with Takemura.” This is all part of the “Down on the Street” mission.

If you can avoid the “Down on the Street” mission completely until the fix is ​​released, this is likely your best bet at the moment. Via your fingers, all of this will get a major overhaul in the very near future.

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