Cuomo threatens to sue Trump over the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine

governor. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday threatened to sue the Trump administration if it went ahead with its COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan, which he described as discriminatory – and She has New York at the back of the line In terms of states getting it first.

“I tell you today, if the Trump administration does not change this plan and does not provide a fair vaccine process, we will enforce our legal rights.” “We will take legal action to protect New Yorkers,” the governor said from the pulpit during a Mass at Riverside Church in Morningside Heights in Manhattan.

“I will not allow New Yorkers to be intimidated or offended,” said the governor.

President Trump said Friday that he was putting New York ahead when it came to getting a vaccine once it was approved, after Cuomo said He will have his own team of experts Independently “review” any immunization approved by the Feds on concerns about government oversight. Trump was also angered by Cuomo’s call for his distribution plan ‘Defective’ Because of alleged racial inequality.

Trump tweeted, in a tweet that pushed New York – the one-time global virus center – back: “We can’t waste time and we can only give those countries that are going to use the vaccine right away.”

Hours after Trump tweeted, Cuomo claimed to MSNBC, “Once Trump gives me a shot, I’ll be ready to administer it.”

Cuomo argued that the Feds’ current distribution plan discriminates against minorities and poor communities already disproportionately affected by the deadly epidemic.

On Sunday, the governor indicated again that Trump’s plan is relying on doctors, hospitals and private pharmacies to distribute life-saving vaccine – all of which are limited in minority neighborhoods compared to whites.

“We cannot double the racial injustice that Covid has already caused,” Cuomo said in attacking Trump’s distribution plan, noting that the death and infection rates for the Coronavirus for minorities were more than double the rates of whites.

The governor pledged to “recruit community groups, religious groups … medical teams, and outreach teams” to distribute immunization in the poor neighborhoods.

“New York will muster an army to fairly and equitably vaccinate all New Yorkers,” said Cuomo. “No country would do this better.”

But he said federal funding should be part of Trump’s plan to get it published.

“Don’t tell us that this is the responsibility of the state without giving the state the resources to do the job,” said Cuomo.

President Trump should learn the lesson: Stop the abuse. Stop the division. Stop the anger. Stop the hate. Stop narcissism. “And spend your last months trying to help people and repair the damage you’ve done,” said Cuomo.

Cuomo claimed that he had tried to work with the White House in the past, but “you better try to argue with a rock.”

Manhattan-based drugmaker Pfizer announced last week that it is in its final stages Vaccine testing with a current efficiency rate of 90 percent In fighting the virus.

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