COVID NYC Update: The last day of ‘signing up’ for blended learning as the positivity rate approaches 3%

New York City (WABC) – With COVID rates on the rise in New York City, much of the school community is closely monitoring the rate of positivity.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says learning will return to the citywide outback only if the positivity rate reaches 3%.

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At the moment this positivity rate is hovering around 2.5% so the school will open on Monday.

However, on Saturday, parents and students gathered at Foley Square, carrying banners and demanding that city officials keep schools open.

They say random testing and safety precautions have kept positivity rates low in the classroom and feel that schools are safe and that personal learning is essential.

“Schools are essential, they should be the last to close, and the first to open,” said one of the parents, Maude Maroun.

On Saturday, Governor Andrew Cuomo suggested that city officials consider an addition Decrease in school positivity rate towards the decision On whether to shutdown or stay open for personal learning

At the moment, the city is still below the 3% threshold, but city officials seem to be monitoring that number closely.

This affects approximately 25% of New York City, where 1.2 million children are currently enrolled in personalized learning.

“It’s the only place we can really learn and have a good time learning,” said student Felix Manasik. “My parents are professors and they teach college students, so it is difficult to understand them in college language.”

Additionally, Sunday is the last day parents choose to participate in in-person learning for the rest of the year.

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