Coronavirus Live News: The United States once again confirms the world record for daily cases as Victoria celebrates 16 days without infections | world News

More now about Australia’s success in handling the pandemic:

When Queensland’s prime minister conducted her regular Covid-19 update on Friday, she couldn’t prevent a smile on her face.

“Now, that’s a good idea,” Anastasia Palashchuk Reporters. “I think all Queensland would be happy with that.”

She went on to announce that Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane would host 52,500 spectators for the upcoming rugby state rugby against New South Wales next week.

“The boiler can be filled 100%,” she said.

In the midst of a pandemic, the idea of ​​responsible leaders encouraging citizens to gather in large crowds to sit or stand side-by-side with strangers may seem reckless.

But in Australia, where the Covid-19 epidemic has been largely brought under control after months of lockdowns, border closures and strict restrictions on gatherings, moments like this are becoming more and more common.

Last month , Screenshots spread from a crowded nightclub in Western AustraliaThis provides a surreal picture of normality in the pre-Covid period, even as the countries of the northern hemisphere begin to return to closures amid the high number of cases. In Sydney, nearly 40,000 fans attended the Rugby League Final last month.

The country has reason to be optimistic about its successes and, on Friday, Australia did not record any new cases of the virus for the fifth consecutive day. in a win overAs the second wave of the virus forced Melbourne into lockdown for months and left hundreds of dead, Friday celebrated the 14th day in a row with no new cases.

Even the downward trend of the closely watched virus has sparked a new phrase, “muffin day,” which means a day without new Covid-19 infections, which It became synonymous with the country’s success In tackling the epidemic:

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