Coronavirus: Industries excluded from plans to reopen Manitoba want further clarification

On Saturday, Manitoba Ease restrictions on public health In most parts of the province, it is from the red level Covid-19 Lockdown measures were implemented in November.

The retail business opened with again allowed to sell nonessential items in person. Two specific people are allowed to visit another home and barbershops and barber shops can open their doors for customers.

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Hundreds of shoppers are heading to the mall as Winnipeg’s non-essential COVID-19 restrictions ease

“I think it’s hard to understand why we are in so similar industries,” said Jordyn Wiebe, owner of The Sugar Freak. “For me, I work one person at a time, and almost all sugar experts should work. In a salon there are only a few people at the same time [multiple] Clients one at a time, then it’s just me, one by one. “

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Other companies in the personal services industry are also wondering why they should not be listed, especially in the wake of the retail reopening on Saturday that saw crowds gather indoors at CF Polo Park mall.

It’s frustrating, “said Rich Handford, co-chair of the Manitoba Society of Body Art. “It is difficult to be at the mercy of the success of these reopening plans as an industry with very low transmission risks due to our infection control protocols and similar training and protocols for medical and dental procedures.”

Both groups told Global News that they have reached out to the county for more information.

“I feel like they’re still very mysterious, they’re just too, and they’re not giving us much to work with. We have very high cleaning standards, long before a pandemic happens. They will continue now and they’ll be more,” Wiebe said.

“Our association collected data from seven representative companies to clearly demonstrate the secure tracking record within our industry,” said Handford. We have submitted proposals to the province since June of last year.

The effects of these health orders are devastating to small businesses.

“And I think, at a certain point, we need to learn to live with this virus, and Manitoba Body Art business, like all other companies, deserves the right to support our families, while mitigating the risks of transmission in our community and our business.”

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The Chamber of Commerce bass on restrictions

The Chamber of Commerce bass on restrictions

Manitoba Public Health addressed these questions on Friday.

“It’s really because we can’t open everything at once,” said Dr. Jazz Atual, Acting Vice President of Regional Public Health in Manitoba. “We understand that there is disappointment out there. We have to carefully choose the things that we want to open up, that society wants to open up to as well. So we’re looking at barbershops and hair salons, we’re just thinking about cutting your scalp hair.”

“We are not looking at waxing, we are not looking at the nails, it requires more interactions.”

Again, this virus returns to those reactions. The more people outside, the more you do with others, the higher the risk. The moment you do something with others might not be that dangerous, but we have 1.4 million people in Manitoba, multiply that by 1.4 million. “

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