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The World Health Organization warns against taking remdesivir

Remdesivir, which is one of the drugs Donald Trump took when he developed Covid-19, should not be used in hospitals because there is no evidence of its effectiveness. World Health Organization She advised.

The US president was such a fervent supporter of the drug that he bragged in July that it was They bought the whole world stocks for the Americans. However, the WHO Guidelines Committee said that COVID-19 patients might be better off without it.

The WHO has released what it calls “living guidelines,” which can be updated as evidence emerges, largely as a result of the experience of solidarity it has led in many countries. Solidarity randomly assigned patients to several drugs, including remdesivir, and found that those taking them were. It is not more likely to survive severe Covid than those who did not.

There are other problems with remdesivir. Made by the US company Gilead, it is very expensive and should be given intravenously. Guideline, Published in the British Medical Journal, Concluded that “most patients do not prefer intravenous therapy with remdesivir given the low evidence of certainty. Any beneficial effects of remdesivir, if present, are likely to be small and the potential for significant harm will remain:”


The NHS Preparing to open dozens of mass vaccination centers across England to vaccinate people against Covid-19.

There will be at least 42 centers, based in places like convention centers, and the NHS plans to employ tens of thousands of employees to run them, Health Service Journal reports.

New details on how people get the vaccine come as NHS England prepares to publish its “deployment plan” on how the vaccine will be stored, distributed and administered:


The state of California imposes a curfew due to the Corona virus on the majority of the state’s 40 million residents


The CDC advises against traveling Thanksgiving

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised Americans not to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday next week, due to the significant rise in new coronavirus cases nationwide.

“The CDC recommends against traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday period,” said Dr. Henry Walk, director of the Coronavirus incident at the CDC, during today’s briefing.

“For Americans who decide to travel, the CDC recommends that you do so as safely as possible by following the same recommendations for everyday life,” Walkie added.

Walk particularly expressed his concerns about the possibility of Americans spreading the Coronavirus to family members without their knowledge, saying: “One of our concerns is that while people get together in the holiday season together, they might bring the infection with them to this small gathering and not even know an item.”

In a group of Updated guidelines, The CDC recommends celebrating Thanksgiving almost or with family members only.

The directive says, “Personal gatherings that bring together family members or friends from different families, including college students returning home, pose different levels of risk.”

This news comes a day after the number of deaths from the Corona virus in the United States exceeded 250 thousand, a number much higher than any other country in the world:


China gave Sinopharma a million people vaccine



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