Coon Cheese from Aussie was renamed “Cheer” after a 20-year racist battle

Saputo Dairy Australia says the replacement products will hit supermarket shelves in July. (Facebook pic / kun cheese)

Sydney: An Australian cheese company called “Coon” will change its name to “Cheer” after an Aboriginal activist spent two decades fighting to change the racial name.

Saputo Dairy Australia announced the new name on Wednesday, saying the replacement products will hit supermarket shelves in July.

This comes after a 20-year campaign by Aboriginal advocate and author Stephen Hagan to rename the product.

Although it is claimed to refer to an American cheese factory worker, the previous name is also an offensive slander for blacks.

Make petitioned the former owners of the company over the name but has so far failed to influence executives.

Saputo said the change came after “a careful and tireless review to honor the brand affinity our customers feel while aligning with current situations and perspectives.”

“Treating people with respect and without discrimination is one of our core principles and it is imperative that we continue to uphold this in everything we do,” CEO Lino Sapoto said in a statement.

The announcement comes two months after Nestlé announced that it would rename the Australian sweets called “Red Skins” and “Chicos” amid a global backlash against racist brands.

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