controversy surrounding the alleged vaccination of the King’s sisters

Several Spanish media reported that the sisters of the King of Spain would have been vaccinated in Abu Dhabi. A controversy that occurs when the Podemos party, a member of the government, denounced on Wednesday, March 3 “privileges” that contribute to the “discredit” of the monarchy.

According to The confidential Y The world, infants Elena and Cristina, 57 and 55 years old, would have received an anti-Covid serum, outside of the protocol in force in Spain, as they traveled to the Emirates to see their father, ex-king Juan Carlos, who went into exile there in August after suspicions about the opaque origin of his fortune.

For now, the royal palace has not commented, contacted by AFP. A spokesman, however, recalled that the sisters of Felipe VI are not formally “part” of the royal family and that your choices, therefore, do not concern the palate. As a reminder, in Spain, the vaccination campaign has so far targeted the oldest and most vulnerable people.

On the side of the radical left-wing Podemos party, a member of the ruling coalition with Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s socialists, this information has been strongly denounced. “Infant vaccination is one more piece of news that contributes to the discredit of the monarchical institution. For the public, this constitutes preferential treatment and privileges, ”Irene Montero, Minister of Equality and member of Podemos, an openly Republican party, told public television.

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