Controversial WhatsApp privacy update going forward despite backlash

California: Facebook affiliate WhatsApp said on Thursday that it will go ahead with updating its controversial privacy policy, but will allow users to read it at their “own pace” and will also display a banner providing additional information.

The messaging platform set new terms in January, aiming to increase commercial transactions on the platform.

The policy update would allow Facebook owner and affiliates to collect user data, including phone number and location, sparking global outrage and a rush of new users to competitors Telegram and Signal, among others.

WhatsApp then moved to postpone the launch of the new policy to May from February and sought to clarify that the update was focused on allowing users to send messages with companies and would not affect personal conversations, which would continue to have end-to-end encryption.

In its latest blog post, WhatsApp said it would start reminding users to review and accept updates to continue using the messaging platform.

She added, “We have also included more information to try to address the concerns we hear.”

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