conclusions of Joe Biden’s first press conference

Joe Biden’s press conference was scheduled for Thursday, March 25. Is here the first time the 46th president of meAmerica was suitable for exercise. This first-term press conference is important because it sets the tone for the presidency.

But it can also be a trap because if the exercise is not mastered, if we say too much, it can produce a boomerang effect. Especially since Joe Biden called himself a “bug machine” one day. There he did not. What was clear was that Joe Biden was methodical. And before answering the first question, he gave a short speech to Announces Aiming for 200 Million Vaccines by His 100th Day in Office.

Everything is going very fast in the United States. The 100 million vaccines were reached on the 58th day of his presidency. Yesterday, at the time of the press conference, he was 65 days old. So the goal is quite realistic. Remember there are 328 million Americans. Even if there are 200 million vaccines, it is not 200 million people fully vaccinated, since two of the three vaccines require 2 doses. It’s smart to have started like this. Since it is everyone’s main concern, everything else, any criticism was surpassed by this success indisputable part of the vaccination campaign.

He will represent himself

A little surprise anyway. Joe Biden, 78, said he looked forward to running again. So he didn’t announce it like that. He was asked the question twice after only 65 days in office. But he is an old politician. He very well could have gotten in touch, he said the Americans had other things to think about. But he responded that he hoped to race again with Kamal Harris as a running mate.

Otherwise, it was widely questioned on an important point: the Filibuster. This is what will condition all of Biden’s policy for the next several months from now. It’s a pretty strange rule in the Senate. Quickly, The “Filibuster” allows the minority to continue the debates indefinitely. And as long as we discuss the bill, but we can talk about salad dressings or read the directory. But we cannot stop the debates and we cannot vote. The only way to break this it is a vote of 60 deputies. But as in recent years we are at 50/50 or as now at 52/48, it is very difficult to have 60 deputies. In the end, it’s not enough to have 50 + 1 votes, but it takes 60. And all of Joe Biden’s major projects on global warming and gun control can also fail. by this law. So you want to change this rule. What advertises big battles in the Senate.

No questions were withheld from Fox News

We are still in Covid mode, there were fewer journalists than usual, About thirty. There was many questions about the migration crisis on the Mexican border. These thousands of unaccompanied minors who flock to the United States. Unlike the press conferences with Donald Trump, it was not a boxing match, there were no insults.

On this point, Joe Biden could be blamed for not answering questions from conservative Fox News, which complained about it. It’s hard to tell if he’s doing it on purpose or not. In any case, it’s a great medium heard by millions of Americans, and Joe Biden could have at least answered one question. As he often repeats: is the president of all americans, that would have been a sign.

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