concerns about a group in Congress

As the House of Representatives meets today to initiate impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump, the United States Congress is most concerned about Covid-19 this Wednesday, January 14. Three MPs have just tested positive.

They believe they were exposed on January 6, when pro-Trump activists stormed Capitol Hill. Many elected officials, to be protected, found themselves in the same room. A Democratic representative from Washington state accuses some of her colleagues. Colleagues who refused to wear the mask.

“Too many Republicans have refused to take this pandemic seriously. Hours after Donald Trump instigated a deadly attack, many Republicans still refused to take a minimum of precautions in a crowded room, in the middle of a pandemic, “he said.

In fact, a video is currently circulating. It shows an elected Democrat offering masks to four Republican colleagues. They look at it and decline the offer. Not only they rejected the masks but they also made fun of those who offered them.

However, wearing a mask is supposed to be mandatory in the House of Representatives since July. According to Washington Post, two elected Republicans just announced that they are positive. But they weren’t in the same room. Nancy Pelosi announced fines : $ 500 for anyone not wearing the mask in the House of Representatives and $ 2,500 for repeat offenses.

January 6, decisive day?

This January 6 may also have been an accelerator of the virus
outside of Congress. Among the thousands of Donald Trump supporters and activists, very few were masked. The participants came from all over the country. From California, Arkansas, or Texas.

On airplanes, there were several scenes where the passengers rebelled because they didn’t want to wear the mask, invoking as always individual freedom. What worries the health authorities are the protesters who come from all over the country. Upon returning home, these people were able to unleash other sources of contamination.

Haunting figures

These possible new sources of contamination could emerge in a context of growing Covid-19 related figures in the United States, with 4,500 dead yesterday. The country has totaled 376,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. These deaths are not linked to the events of last Wednesday, it is too early to make the connection. But sure, that won’t help balance sheets in the short term.

Health authorities are taking new measures, especially for travelers who need to travel to the United States. As of January 26, they must present a negative test to be able to travel. Airlines must verify that the test has been completed before boarding. Health authorities justify this measure due to the appearance of a variant of the coronavirus and the uncertainty regarding the ability to control it.

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