companions and friends, discover that they are sisters

Strong ties of friendship that turn into ties of blood. Transformation (in this sense) is normally impossible, except for Julia Tinetti (31) and Cassandra Madison (32). The two formed a friendship when they worked together at a bar in New Haven, Connecticut.

“We started going out together. We went out for a drink, to have dinner,” Julia Tinetti said on the show. Good morning america, transmitted by Paris party. “I thought it was great. We hit it off right away,” added Cassandra Madison. But one thing nonetheless questioned the two young women: their strong physical resemblance. Both adopted, decide to compare their adoption papers, especially since each one shows a tattoo of the Dominican flag.

But the result is disappointing, as the documents indicate a provenance from two different towns in the Dominican Republic and a different mother’s name. But this is just a postponement. In 2018, Cassandra manages to locate her biological father. If he learns that his biological mother died three years earlier, he asks his father if other children have been abandoned. And this time, the answer will give hope.

The couple, who she was living “a difficult time”, so she gave up another daughter for adoption. This time, Cassandra and Julia decide to take a DNA test and the result is as expected: they are sisters. “WE ARE SISTERS! Same mom, same dad,” Cassandra later posted on Facebook, along with her little sister.

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