Colorado State. Jared Polis on the rise in coronavirus cases: Coronavirus Updates: NPR

Colorado State. Jared Polis speaks during a press conference on October 20 about the steady increase in new coronavirus cases in the state.

David Zalubovsky / AP

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David Zalubovsky / AP

Colorado State. Jared Polis speaks during a press conference on October 20 about the steady increase in new coronavirus cases in the state.

David Zalubovsky / AP

Colorado is among the states with a rise in COVID-19 cases. In August, the country recorded around 2,000 new cases per week. Last week, that number jumped to More than 8000.

And Democratic Gov. Jared Polis warns that the situation may worsen in the coming months.

“We only have this short period of time to get this back under control before the holiday season, and we need to do that,” Reporters last week. “Each of us needs to really ask ourselves what is our resolve to avoid the unnecessary loss of life.”

In July, the police implemented a mask requirement for indoor public places, in effect until November 10 Social gatherings of ten people or less than more than two families.

He said during an interview on NPR: All things considered. “But not a living party, nor three or four different families. No more than two families.”

Police discusses the challenges he faces as the state tries to contain the escalation of society.

The mask expires in two weeks. Is it likely to renew?

Obviously, we are assessing it based on the data we have at any time regarding its expiration date. But definitely where we are today, this is crucial. It is an important tool to help contain spread.

Two churches in the Denver area have sued the state, challenging it [the mask and social gathering orders]. They won. How do you manage the growing number of infections in your state when you have lawsuits trying to prevent you from enacting protections?

Well, it should really be about people wanting to do the right thing. I was thrilled to see many of them Bishops and other bishops support the wearing of a mask Between their members and their group. We have seen a lot of religious establishments operating online, and limiting. I certainly believe that a lot of religious leaders care deeply about the lives of the congregation and understand that we will be able to rejoice and fellowship in person again in the not-too-distant future. But this we haven’t gotten to yet.

There have been an alarming number of outbreaks in Colorado schools. The Colorado chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics is The personal school warning becomes less useful as the community increases. What do you do about it? Are you ready, for example, to reconnect with personal education?

Most of our schools are back in Colorado. They have guidance that they need to follow. But then, you know, some of them, whether they’re back two days a week or five days a week, are paid locally. We found, in general, that schools were safer or safer than other things that children would do, mainly because they are organized and there is the ability to implement strong health guidelines such as wearing a mask, which is required for all students across our state in the classroom, as well as the teacher.

In your state and many more, you have a mask delegation in place. You say that you will consider whether to renew it. You have a new healthy command that limits crowd size. … But is that enough, as winter approaches, holidays are coming and the numbers go in the wrong direction?

So, you know, in Colorado, weather is a factor in winter. … people tend to congregate in larger indoor areas in the winter than they do when the weather is nice. And so, he really makes sure, to the extent that people want to participate in these activities, like eating, for example, that we have capacity restrictions around restaurants to make sure that there is adequate social spacing and that the wait staff and others in the kitchen all wear masks as well.

Christopher Invagliata and Jos Contreras edited and produced the audio interview. Maureen Bow adapted it for the web.

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