Colorado State. Jared Polis and his longtime partner, Marlon Reese, are engaged

Colorado State. Jared Police is engaged. He picked an interesting moment to pose the question.

The first gentleman, Marlon Reese, was horrified the day this happened. His condition was deteriorating after battling Corona virus infection for more than a week. His oxygen saturation levels dropped to an alarming level. A doctor told him it was time to go to the hospital.

“I was getting my things ready. My daughter was crying in the corner – she didn’t want me to go,” said Reese, 39, who narrated the suggestion to the Colorado Sun during an interview on Wednesday afternoon. My son used to ask me a lot of technical questions: “When will you come back? Do they know exactly what is wrong? It was a very tense moment. “

Polis urges Reese to speed up, but assures him that he will be fine.

“It annoyed me the most,” said Reese.

The chaos came to a sudden halt when Police got down on one knee and asked Reese, his partner of 17 years, to marry him.

Governor-elect Jared Polis poses with his partner Marlon Rees and their children, Cora and Caspian, in the West Wing before his inauguration at the Colorado Capitol on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 (Photo by AAron Ontiveroz / The Denver Post / Swimming Pool)

“It was the absolute perfect time,” said Reese. I told him: I couldn’t breathe before. Now I can’t really breathe. “

The couple has kept their engagement on December 6 especially for the past three months. The sun is the first to report the news.

The couple’s 6-year-old daughter stopped crying after the police asked the question. She was excited about the possibility that their girl was a flower. Reese said their 9-year-old son – “in his usual fashion” – said, “I really don’t like your engagement ring.”

The ring is made of tungsten and is inscribed with a passage from Isaiah 11: 6. “Very clear, perfectly in line with our personality,” says Rees.

Government. Jared Police and first man Marlon Reese display their engagement rings. The rings are engraved in Hebrew, which translates into Isaiah 11: 6. (Photo provided)

Polis, 45, and Reese have yet to choose a date for their wedding, although their children pressure and persuade them. The governor was planning to ask Reese to marry him for seven months.

“I have set a spring like this in my footsteps,” said Reese. “When I got to the hospital, I was not afraid anymore. I said, ‘I have a wonderful relationship, a wonderful family that I will come back to after this.’

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Reese was discharged from hospital two days later and has since recovered from COVID-19. Police also contracted the Coronavirus, but its symptoms are only mild.

Rees, an animal rights writer and writer, said the coronavirus has made it clear to people all over the world that the things we have taken for granted “can still be taken from us, sometimes without any notice.” That’s what made the timing of the proposal so perfect.

“Let’s not wait. Let’s live the life and we live it,” he said. “Let’s celebrate and find each other and continue to pay attention to the things we care about. Even though we are dealing with these circumstances, we cannot give up on our dreams.”


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