Colorado Energy Agency apologizes after sending an email mocking drilling companies – Colorado Sun.

The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has apologized after employees inadvertently sent an email that mocked some of the companies regulated by the state agency.

The email was sent on Sunday while the agency was testing a new electronic filing system. Sent to hundreds of oil and gas workers across the state, KCNC-TV mentioned Thursday.

The letter referred to the state oil companies as “Snake Oil Company”, “Bad Oil and Gas”, “Here We Go Again” and “Acme Company”. The agency’s email stated that one of the firm’s law firms was named “blah blah blah” and his case number was “666”.

A follow-up letter from the agency stated that “the e-mails were sent in error.”

“This is totally unacceptable,” Jared Polis said in a statement Thursday. “Whether or not you approve of everything the oil and gas industry does, we at Colorado treat everyone with honor, respect and professionalism. I have confidence in the leadership of President Robbins and Director Murphy and I know they will take this opportunity to ensure that all employees at COGCC understand their responsibility towards the oil and gas industry. And their workers. “

A spokesperson for the state agency apologized in a statement on Wednesday, saying the employees involved in the email had been reprimanded.


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