Colorado election expert nominated by Joe Biden to serve on the United States Postal Services Board of Directors

Amber McReynolds, former head of the Denver election division and now chief executive of the National Vote at Home Institute, is one of three people to be nominated by President Joe Biden to serve on the Board of Directors of the United States Postal Service.

McCreinolds, who lives in Denver, has focused throughout her career on expanding voter reach. Especially when it comes to mailing voting. It helped expand mail voting across the country last year as the coronavirus pandemic made in-person voting unsafe.

Amber McCreanolds. (note)

The White House says the other two candidates for the Board of Governors will be Ron Strowman, a recently retired deputy director of the USPS post office, and Anton Hajjar, a former attorney for the US Postal Workers’ Union.

“President Biden is committed to USPS success, and these experienced and experienced leaders will ensure that USPS operates to the highest standards of service and can serve all communities in our country effectively and efficiently,” the White House said.

McCreanolds was not immediately available for comment when the Colorado Sun contacted him on Wednesday

US Rep. Joe Negus, D. Lafayette, said, “It would be a wonderful addition” to the USPS Board of Governors.

The three new nominees for the board of directors come as Biden faces calls to sack General Post Director Louis Deguy from leading the agency.

DeJoy, a prominent Republican fundraiser and supporter of former President Donald Trump, has come under fire for his Changes he made before the elections Which led to widespread delivery delays and other problems recently. The Postal Service also dealt with A. Bleak performance on time during the holidays By crushing mail and parcels exacerbated by the epidemic.

American Postal Service Truck. (Unsplash)

Colorado was among a number of states that sued to reverse the changes DeJoy implemented.

Biden does not have the power to remove DeJoy, only the USPS Board of Directors can. However, the president can use the appointments to reconfigure the board of directors.

MacRynolds, if her nomination was confirmed by the US Senate, would become the only woman on the nine-member board of directors.

US Senator Michael Bennett, de Colorado, said he did not speak to McReynolds about her appointment, but he does not believe DeJoy “has demonstrated any enthusiasm for resolving the problems facing the Postal Service.”

He said, “I think the new leadership would be a good thing.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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