Colorado Attorney General opens grand jury investigation into death of Elijah MacLean – Colorado Sun.

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser opened a grand jury investigation into the death of Elijah Maclean in 2019.

Weizer’s office announced the grand jury investigation on Friday, nearly six months after he was appointed by the government. Jared Polis as Special Prosecutor to review Maclean’s death.

“The grand jury is an investigative tool that has the power to compel witnesses to testify, and requires the submission of documents and other relevant information that might not otherwise be available,” Weiser, a Democrat, said in a written statement. “Our investigation will be comprehensive, guided by facts and law, and deserve the public’s confidence. In order to maintain the impartiality and integrity of the process, we have no further comment at this time.”

McLean, 23, died after being stopped by police officers in response to a suspicious person’s report on August 24, 2019. A conflict ensued and officers used a carotid artery pressure machine, which cuts blood to the brain, to subdue him. A paramedic gave an injection of ketamine, a powerful sedative drug, to Maclean, after which Maclean stopped breathing and no longer had a pulse.

Elijah McLean. (Via CBS4 Denver)

He passed away on August 30, 2019, after being removed from resuscitation equipment.

This is a developing story that will be updated.


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