colchicine, an effective treatment against Covid-19?

Can we stem the ravages of the epidemic with treatments to heal ourselves? Good news is coming from Quebec. Researchers from Montreal have just demonstrated the efficacy of colchicine, an anti-inflammatory.

More than 4,000 people affected by the coronavirus have been observed on several continents, and all of them had a risk factor for complications. The results are encouraging. Study findings show that for participants who took colchicine, the risk of hospitalization is reduced by 25%. That of dying from the disease falls by 44%, compared to those who took a placebo.

Jean-Claude Tardif, director of the Montreal Heart Institute Research Center, believes the results are more than convincing. “Patients who develop complications from Covid appear to be those patients who develop a significant inflammatory reaction”, he said. “If we can prevent this inflammatory trend with colchicine. We bet we could effectively reduce the complications of Covid-19.”

A drug that has already been consumed

Colchicine has long been used to treat gout, which is an inflammatory disease of the joints. Greece has already given the green light to prescribe it against Covid-19. Jean-Claude Tardif believes that the substance could be used quickly to stop hospitals from being overloaded. “Our hope is that the medical community agrees with our group. ”

The results of the study are preliminary. They have not yet been published in a scientific journal. But the researcher says it could be in the next few hours.

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