Cleaner solutions for off-road and off-road transportation

The Clean Payment Technologies Project Consortium, led by the University of Vaasa, aims to develop radical new solutions for clean and efficient maritime and off-road transport – a Finnish response to tightening emissions legislation and increasing global competition in these sectors. Business Finland has awarded research funding to six research organizations and nine companies to deliver these new payment solutions from the research stage to the real world application.

The common goal is to secure a global technology leader in the Finnish powertrain industry by creating a shared vision and sustainable business solutions, says Associate Professor Maciej Mikulski from the University of Vaasa. Mikulski serves as the responsible leader for the Clean Payment Technologies Project.

Research institutions and companies are developing promising and innovative powertrain technologies for new products. These developments will ensure compliance with emissions and greenhouse gas regulations in both the marine and off-road sectors by 2035. In the long term, the goal will be achieved by developing a joint technology roadmap for both sectors. The roadmap provides a unified plan for how to secure this compliance by 2050.

The most important technological advantages of the projected project results are a pioneering medium-speed engine operating in RCCI (Compression Control Ignition) flexible fuel mode and a high-speed engine concept powered by hydrogen fuel. The research will focus more on developments in advanced post-processing, hybrid propulsion technology, and predictive powertrain control. The complete package constitutes an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable business model.

Business Finland has awarded an impressive € 7.9 million funding to the Clean Payment Technologies Project.

We enhance the competitiveness of Finnish companies and bring together key players in the smart energy ecosystem to develop new solutions. The consortium project is a great example of the well-planned improvement of combustion and hybrid technology, which aims to take the leap in environmental improvement in the field of maritime and off-road transportation. In addition, it provides a wonderful opportunity to strengthen cooperation with common goals between Finnish shipping companies, off-road companies and research centers, says Issa Lindqvist, ecosystem pioneer, Business Finland.

According to Mikulski, the project is the first-ever collaboration of this scale between Wärtsilä and AGCO Power, two leading powertrain manufacturers in Finland. This unique backbone, enhanced by the expertise of all project partners, addresses the increasing global competition in these market segments.

Developing concepts together within the engine research initiative’s ecosystem and with other technology leaders is the most effective way to find solutions including combustion engines for a sustainable and carbon-free future, says Christer Wik, lab director and Lauri Pessinen, project monitor, of Wärtsilä.

Finding new, efficient and clean solutions is also the main issue of AGCO Power.

– This project strongly supports AGCO Power’s new technology research for a sustainable, low-carbon future. The project is also establishing a Finnish research network in this technology area, notes Carrie Aaltonen, Research and Development Director at AGCO Power.

The CPT consortium consists of six research organizations (University of Vaasa, Aalto University, University of Tampere, University of Obo Academia, VTT Technical Research Center in Finland and Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT) and nine companies (Wärtsilä Finland, AGCO Power, Meyer Turku, Napa, Dynx Finland) , Proventia, geyser batteries, Bosch Rexroth and APUGenius).

The total project size is about 15 million euros, of which 7.9 million euros comes to support Finnish business. The companies and universities themselves fund the rest.


More information

Merja Kangasjärvi, Director of Development, University of Vaasa, VEBIC, tel. +358 (0) 29 499 8205, email [email protected]

Project leader: Maciej Mikulski, Associate Professor, University of Vaasa, Tel. +358 (0) 29 499 8591, email [email protected]

https: //www.univaasa.Phi /in a/Articles /The cleanest marine and off-shore transportation solutions

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