Civil rights groups are calling on Google to remove Trump’s YouTube channel

President Donald Trump speaks near part of the US-Mexico border wall in Texas yesterday. (AP photo)

US human rights organizations told Reuters that US civil rights groups will organize a boycott of advertisers against Alphabet’s YouTube site if they do not remove President Donald Trump’s channel.

Jim Steyer, one of the organizers of the Stop Hate for Profit campaign that pushed more than 1,000 advertisers to boycott Facebook in July, said groups are asking YouTube to remove Trump’s verified YouTube channel, which has 2.76 million subscribers.

YouTube is the last major tech company that did not block Trump from posting on its platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat blocked Trump after supporters of the president stormed the US Capitol building last week, killing five people.

Steyr said Trump’s YouTube channel gives him the opportunity to continue spreading false information about US election theft.

On Tuesday, Trump’s YouTube channel posted eight new videos, including one in which Trump told reporters, “I think the big tech companies made a huge mistake” by blocking him.

Neither YouTube nor the White House immediately responded to requests for comment.

Steyr said YouTube had informed the groups that it was studying the demands but had not taken action yet.

He added, “If YouTube does not agree with us and joins other platforms in banning Trump, then we will go to the advertisers.”

“We are joining our coalition partners and asking YouTube to act decisively to help stop the spread of hate by closing the Trump account,” NAACP said in a statement to Reuters.

The NAACP, Anti-Defamation League and Color of Change along with the Steyer Common Sense Media group are among the organizers of the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, which has recruited top advertisers including Verizon Communications and Unilever to pull their ads from Facebook due to hate speech interests.

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