Christie will auction the only photo of Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon

Fans of space mementos with deep pockets should be ready to purchase a unique piece for sale at Christie’s auction. This unique remnant of space is the only photo ever taken of Neil Armstrong’s lunar walkway (not photographed). Astronaut Buzz Aldrin took the photo while they were both on the moon.

Image It is said to be extremely rare and Armstrong appears after making a giant jump. The image is expected to sell for more than $ 60,000 and is part of the largest collection of NASA proprietary photos ever to be auctioned. The photo is part of Journey to Another World: The Victor Martin-Malbert Photo Collection.

The collection contains more than 2,400 original photos taken at the height of the NASA Apollo era, along with others. Images from the Mercury Project are included to the 1972 Apollo 17 landing. The Apollo 17 was the last landing on the moon. Among other popular photos for sale, the “Earthrise” image is expected to fetch nearly $ 38,000 on its own.

Another photo, titled “Blue Marble,” is expected to be valued at $ 31,000. Among the unique photos, Aldrin’s first selfie in space is expected to fetch up to $ 10,000. Many of these images have been displayed in museums around the world to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission.

One of the potential positive aspects of the coronavirus pandemic for collectors is that auctions are being held online. This means that anyone, anywhere in the world will have the opportunity to bid. Some photo collection is expected to be worth just over $ 100 allowing fans to add something very rare to their collection.

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