China lands on the moon again – here’s what to come next

China appears to have landed on the moon again. The Chang’e-5 (嫦娥 五号) mission is working with the ready-made Chinese mission unit to bring samples from the surface of our closest neighbor in space. The landing was expected to take place near Mons Romker, in the lunar region of Oceanus Porocellarum. The announcement was made in a statement from state-run CGTN News this morning.

for every CGTN, December 1, 2020 is the day China landed on the moon with Chang’e-5 in full intention to bring back material from the moon. If successful, this would be the first mission to return to Earth with samples from the moon since the Soviet Union mission Luna 24 landed in 1976.

The Chang’e spacecraft includes a static lander capable of stopping on the surface of the moon, along with the ascent vehicle that will fly to the orbiter and return to Earth craft, and eventually return to Earth once the mission materials are captured for study. .

After that, the probe will collect about 4.4 pounds. (2 kg) of material from the surface up to 6.5 feet (2 meters) below the surface of the moon. Once the materials are collected, one section of the vehicle (the boarding vehicle) will take off. The launch will meet the orbiter / Earth return to our planet.

The announced schedule for the mission indicates that it will return to Earth to land in Inner Mongolia before the end of this month, December, 2020. According to Planetary Society, The samples in question will be the “smallest samples of the moon ever” that have been returned to Earth.

NASA’s Apollo astronauts returned samples that were more than 3.1 billion years old, in their youngest. The samples of the Chang’e-5 mission would be (ideally) about 1.2 billion years old. That would be within the limits of multicellular life here on Earth. We look forward to the studies that will be done on this material, especially regarding the creation and evolution of the moon along with our most fertile planet!

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