China is inventing technology to deal with malpractice apps and block privacy leaks

A woman uses her smartphone on a street in Beijing last year. (AP photo)

The Minister of Information Technology said China will improve detection technologies to find “loopholes” to protect information as more efforts are made this year to regulate the country’s huge mobile application market.

“Those applications that refuse to accept the patch should be firmly removed,” said Xiao Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, at a press release in Beijing on Monday.

“On the stewardship side, we must also improve the capabilities of our technical equipment … We must be able to discover loopholes in the protection of information, so that the masses can use (the apps) with confidence.”

In recent months, regulators in China have pressed ahead with a crackdown on the country’s tech giants, criticizing and punishing them in areas ranging from anti-competitive behavior to violations of consumer rights.

For example, they asked companies to suspend apps for the sake of correction and in December they unveiled draft guidelines seeking to limit mobile apps’ collection of personal data.

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