CanSinoBIO Coronavirus Vaccine Strike applies for approval in China

TIANJIN: CanSino Biologics Inc (CanSinoBIO) said on Wednesday that it has submitted an application in China for approval of its Covid-19 vaccine, becoming the third domestically developed shot in the country to be permitted for use by the general public.

While China has not yet approved competing vaccines developed by Western drugmakers, it has granted permits for local products that have also gained status in many developing countries battling an increase in coronavirus infections.

CanSinoBIO said an interim analysis of data from its multi-country trial showed that its candidate, known as Ad5-nCoV, had an efficacy rate of 65.28% in preventing all symptomatic cases and 90.07% in preventing severe disease 28 days after a single dose. Given.

But the single dose vaccine showed that the rate of protection decreased slightly over time. It achieved a success rate of 68.83% in preventing all disease symptoms and 95.47% in preventing severe disease 14 days after vaccination.

“The effectiveness of Ad5-nCoV has met the relevant technical standards set by the World Health Organization and the relevant standards and requirements set by … the National Association of Medicinal Products,” the company said in a statement, adding that it submitted the request on Sunday.

The vaccine has already been approved in Pakistan and Mexico, and it is set to become the third locally developed Covid-19 vaccine in China, if it gets approval for use by the general public.

China has approved vaccines from Sinovac Biotech and a subsidiary of the state-backed China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm).

These vaccines can be stored at normal freezing temperatures, making them an attractive potential option for many developing countries, which are struggling to use competing products such as Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which require cooler temperatures for long-term storage.

China has export agreements with 22 countries and provides vaccine aid to 53 developing countries, according to the Foreign Ministry, as they aim to develop goodwill with low-income countries.

The CanSinoBIO vaccine was jointly developed with the Chinese Military Research Unit and approved for use in the country’s military last year.

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