Canada rejects Trump allegations that he ‘poisoned’ the Chinese extradition trial

Lawyers have argued that Trump will intervene in prosecutions “when it suits his political agenda.” (AP photo)

VANCOUVER: In court documents obtained on Friday, Canadian government attorneys said Huawei CEO Ming Wanzhou’s allegations that former US President Donald Trump “poisoned” her extradition trial are “moot” now that he has left office.

They have asked a Canadian judge not to hear those arguments about Trump when the proceedings resume next month.

Meng’s lawyers were expected to challenge the fairness of the proceedings, saying they were tainted by Trump’s statements shortly after her December 2018 arrest based on a US warrant. When he said that he might interfere with her trial on charges of fraud and conspiracy in exchange for Chinese trade concessions.

These were “statements from a president who is no longer in office, about a possible interference in this situation that never happened, allegedly to achieve a long-successfully negotiated business deal (and so on) that has no prior, current or potential influence on these,” attorneys for the attorney general said. Canadian in documents.

“The very thin basis on which this app was launched has disappeared,” they said. The court must refrain from hearing it. “

Meng’s defense team said last year in the court files that “these procedures are toxic” and “can no longer be considered reasonably fair, regardless of the court’s goodwill, no doubt.”

They referred to Trump’s comments, saying, “The president not only believes he can intervene in prosecutions, but will do so when it fits with his political agenda.”

Meng faces charges in the United States of bank fraud and conspiracy in connection with the activities of a former Huawei subsidiary that allegedly violated US sanctions against Iran. Meng and Huawei deny this.

She remains under house arrest at her Vancouver mansion before the next stage of her extradition case, which is scheduled to begin on March 1 and end in May.

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