Canada: 12-year-old boy slips off chairlift and escapes unscathed

More fear than harm. March 6 a 12-year-old boy slipped off a chairlift at a ski resort in Canada’s Saskatchewan region. Fortunately, he managed to hold on with his hands and hold on to the end.

12-year-old Liam Gratton even snowboarded. According to The office, I was sitting in the seat of a ski lift and removed the security barrier too soon before sliding. In a video filmed by skiers who were behind him, we can see that the child clings to the seat as best he can her legs dangling in the air above the trees at Table Mountain Regional Park in North Battleford. The other people sitting on the same chair lift couldn’t get it back up.

For two long minutes, Liam managed to wrap his arm and elbow around the edge of the chairlift. and the safety bar, which allowed him to avoid falling. In fact, it remained until arrival and comes out unscathed. According to Lawrence Blouin, General Manager of Table Mountain Station, “vsit could have been a very serious incident. “

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