California residents have been ordered to wear COVID-19 masks outside

In the face of a staggering spike in coronavirus cases, California health officials issued a new mandate this week requiring residents to wear face coverings when outside their homes, with few exceptions.

The Extended System It was announced Monday that California residents should disguise themselves unless they are alone in the car or with only those in their homes; Working alone in an office or room; Outdoors and staying at least six feet away from others who are not indoors; Get a nose or face service; Or actively eating or drinking, as long as she maintains a physical distance.

The new state excludes those under the age of two years; You have a disability or medical / mental health condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering; Hearing impaired, or communicating with someone.

Also excluded are “those for whom wearing a face covering may pose a risk to a person related to their work, as determined by local, state, or federal regulatory or workplace safety guidelines,” according to the California Department of Public Health.

The latest rules for covering the face replace The former state of Al-MaskahThat has been in the books since June.

This previous order required California residents to wear face coverings in specific locations considered high-risk – such as shopping, taking public transportation, or seeking medical attention.

It remains to be seen how, or whether, the new directive will be implemented. After the initial ranking of the state, some cities Threatened with martyrdom or a fine Violators who do cover the face, but several law enforcement agencies have said they will instead focus on educating those without masks.

Officials have long asserted that wearing some kind of cover over the nose and mouth can help stop the spread of the coronavirus by limiting transmission. Infectious respiratory tract particles.

Although the experts are not a panacea, experts stress that simple measures such as wearing masks, staying away from those outside the home, washing your hands regularly and staying home when you are sick all boost your chances of warding off the virus.

These personal choices are most important now, as California is grappling with an increase in infections more severe than the state has seen before.

The state recorded 13,412 new cases on Monday – a record high for a day, it said Corona virus tracker in the Times.

Weekly coronavirus infections across California are now roughly 150% worse than they were a month ago, rising from about 22,600 in a week to 56,000 in the seven-day period that ended Sunday, according to an analysis by The Times.

“This is simply the fastest increase California has seen since the start of this pandemic,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said during the briefing on Monday.

A large number of new cases, often weeks later, lead to a similar increase in hospitalizations. From The latest tollThere were 3,852 hospital admissions for COVID-19 statewide – an increase of nearly 48% from two weeks ago.

Along with new mask guidelines, officials this week announced a major rollback in reopening across much of the state. As a result of the changes, 94% of California residents now live in counties that are at their most stringent levels The reopening of the state road map, And many companies in those provinces will have to suspend or severely restrict their internal operations.

Alongside the renewed restrictions on businesses, state officials are also urging residents to be vigilant – especially as the holidays approach.

“We know that when people come together with people they don’t live with, often our close friends, and even family members, we think it’s okay to put your guard down.” Said Dr. Mark Galli, California’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, Even a little mask to enjoy a drink or enjoy a meal. ”But it is precisely those moments that may create high transmission risks. So we urge you to think about how you will interact with friends and family over the coming weeks to keep transmission rates low.

The Times writers Rong Jung Lin 2 and Iris Lee contributed to this report.

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