California prepares to reopen stadiums and Disneyland

After a year of pandemic, hope is reborn in California: the US state, badly affected by the second wave this winter, sees the amount of contaminations decrease dramatically for a few weeks. So much so that stadiums and amusement parks could open their doors to spectators on April 1.

“California can gradually and safely begin to reopen certain businesses, especially those that take place outdoors and where it is possible to wear masks, “California health official Mark Ghaly said in a statement. In detail, theme parks will be able to reopen beginning April 1 if the county they are in is no longer classified. in “purple zone”, the highest level of risk according to California criteria.

Orange County, where Disneyland is located, and Los Angeles County, where Universal Studios is located, are still classified as “purple,” but could turn red in a few weeks. Your ability in the red zone will be however limited to 15% of the usual level (25% in orange and 35% in yellow) and only Californians will be able to have immediate access to these parks, specifies the department of public health. Disneyland and other major California theme parks have been closed since mid-March 2020, an economic disaster that led to thousands of layoffs.

Open-air stadiums and other outdoor structures will be able to reopen their doors. for sports competitions or concerts from April 1, whatever your location. However, the number of visitors admitted, again limited to California residents, will depend on the level of risk associated with Covid-19: only 100 authorized viewers in the “purple” zone, 20% in the “red” zone, 33 % in the “orange” zone, etc.

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