buy an iPhone for 1,300 euros and instead receive an apple yogurt

Buying a new iPhone is not a small investment. A Chinese consumer had a little pleasure offering himself on Apple’s site an iPhone 12 Pro Max for a trifle of 10,099 yuan, about 1,300 euros. So when you open your package that has finally been delivered and find an apple yogurt there, it sticks to your throat.

In a video posted on the Weibo social network, the buyer explains her mishap and provokes many comments, to the point of triggering an investigation by Apple but also by the carrier Express Mail Service (EMS), he said. Global times transmitted by Western france. Very quickly, the clue of the theft was favored by the police and 12 days after the purchase (February 16), a man was arrested on Sunday February 28.

In front of investigators, the 31-year-old suspect admits that he worked on an interim basis for EMS between February 6 and 18, and according to Global News He admitted to being the author of the robbery in question.

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