Businessman Ziad Takieddine spent 14 days in prison in Lebanon

Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine, former prosecution witness against former President Nicolas Sarkozy, spent two weeks in prison in Lebanon, in the context of a dispute with his former lawyer, the two parties told AFP on Friday. Takieddine, 70, fled to Beirut. after being sentenced in June in France in the context of the Karachi affair on bribery related to arms contracts with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Lebanese lawyer Hani Mourad, who filed a lawsuit against the businessman, said that Takieddine had “He was detained from October 26 to November 10 at the Saïda judicial detachment”, in southern Lebanon, following a complaint he filed against him and two other people. The text of the complaint, of which AFP has obtained a copy, evokes “threats, blackmail, defamation, fraud, breach of trust“and non-payment of fees. Justice then released the three people under judicial supervision.”

Hani Mourad also claimed to have been able to consult when he defended the latter account statements related to “thousands of bank transfers” from Mr. Takieddine’s accounts in Libya to his accounts in Lebanon and then to the accounts of French and Lebanese individuals and companies present in France. He did not provide further details.

$ 200 million from three Lebanese banks

In 2016, Ziad Takieddine told French news site Mediapart that he personally delivered, in 2006 and 2007, 5 million euros in cash of Libya and destined to finance the presidential campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy. On November 11, in a spectacular 180-degree turn, he dropped his accusations against the former president in an interview with the weekly Paris Match and the BFMTV channel.

On Friday, Mr. Mourad said that Mr. Takieddine had entrusted him a year and a half ago with the task of recover nearly $ 200 million from three Lebanese banks. In return, he promised her an apartment and 30% of the amounts recovered from the banks, according to the lawyer.

According to a source close to Mr. Takieddine, Mr. Mourad was fired for trying to conclude “agreements with Lebanese banks” without the knowledge of his client. The source described the arrest as Mr. Takieddine from the “routine” procedure, claiming that the judge released him at the first hearing.

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