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It’s a very paradoxical feeling – the good news about vaccines working at the same time that the number of cases is rising further, New York has closed its schools, and states and cities are making tough decisions to back off in hopes of further mitigating the spread of the virus.

But this is where we really found ourselves in November 2020. How does everyone stand up? Has anyone restarted a hobby? The sourdough starter is back from hibernation as part of this step, and is ready to bake in the winter.

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A modern vaccine

A nurse prepares an injection to study the Moderna coronavirus vaccine.

Hans Binnink / AP

on Monday, Moderna said its vaccine has been successful in preventing COVID-19.

The news came a week after Pfizer and BioNTech shared that their vaccine was effective.

After its initial analysis, Moderna found that its vaccine was 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19. As an added bonus: Your Moderna shots don’t need to be kept in extremely cold temperatures, Unlike the Pfizer version.

Andrew Dunn I spoke to the CEO of Moderna, Who said he expects every American will most likely get a COVID-19 vaccine by June.

Pfizer, not to be outdone, On Wednesday I announced a vaccine results update, finding that the shot in the final analysis was 95% effective. (In its initial analysis of the data, Pfizer said the shot was 90% effective.)

It was an upbeat week everywhere – Bill Gates said Tuesday that he expects several other vaccines to be very effective. This could be good news, as getting more vaccinations will help more people around the world get vaccinated.

But, of course, the vaccine top candidates have not yet been approved. Pfizer and BioNTech said Friday morning that they are expecting Apply for an Emergency Use Permit later that day.

Last week, Andrew spoke with Dr. Peter Marks of the Food and Drug Administration, Who explained why it would take weeks to get tested for a COVID-19 injection.

Marx is responsible for evaluating the vaccines He said hope is to build public confidence in the process.

And the injection is also not without its side effects – Moderna indicated Monday that about 10% of trial participants are so stressed that it interferes with their daily lives. Dr. Kathryn Schuster Bruce It has a story as to why experts think the benefits outweigh the side effects.

For a comprehensive summary of everything you need to know about Moderna vaccine, we’ve covered Andrew and Me.

Read the full story here >>

Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Is Effective In Preventing COVID-19, As It Joins Pfizer Syringe. Here’s what you need to know.

Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon / Handout via Reuters

Long-awaited Amazon pharmacy service is here

On Tuesday, Amazon made it official by launching Amazon Pharmacy, Sell ​​prescription medications and provide discount services to Prime Members who pay without insurance.

Pharmacy has been one of Amazon’s big bets in healthcare, since the tech giant bought PillPack in 2018.

(To recall, Blake Dodge charted where the pharmacy fits as one of their 7 major health aspirations. Read the full analysis here.)

As seen in 2018, The news caused a collapse of a group of stocks in the pharmacy supply chain on Tuesday.

Wall Street analysts have argued that some of this reaction was exaggerated, especially for two major stocksBlake advised. This includes a company that works with Amazon Pharmacy, and another clear competitor.

Previously, Analysts are noting how Prime discounts compare to other cash advance coupons out there.

What is certain is that Amazon that builds its pharmacy business has implications for all different parts of the healthcare system, from health plans, to retail pharmacies, to startups that are also looking to transform the world of pharmacies.

Blake teamed up with Shelby Livingston And the Megan Hernbroth To give you the full story.

Read the full story here >>

Amazon has just put the entire healthcare industry informed with its latest batch in pharmacy. Here whoever wins and loses.

A clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine from Pfizer BioNTech, vaccinating the first volunteer

A volunteer receives an experimental coronavirus vaccination in a clinical trial at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Maryland University

Who will benefit from the vaccine distribution

When she wasn’t delving deep into the impact of Amazon on the healthcare industry, Shelby was determining how much pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and hospitals could benefit from giving coronavirus vaccines.

Ensuring that millions and millions of vaccine doses are distributed and administered effectively over the next year is no small feat. Our colleagues in their transportation team We took a closer look at the role cargo carriers play in distributing vaccinesAnd and Which companies stand to win a lot in this process.

And as Shelby found, managing COVID-19 footage could hit $ 8.5 billion in the market, according to analysts at Morgan Stanley. With retail pharmacies making the most profit.

Read the full story here >>

Pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and hospitals are preparing to provide Coronavirus vaccines to millions of Americans. Here’s how they prepare and how much they will win along the way.

Finally, I’ll leave you three stories that you might have missed in the middle of the big news week!

first: Kimberly Leonard The story is on Dr. Vivek Murthy, one of the first candidates for Biden’s health minister and COVID-19 ward man.

She explains why Morthy’s résumé and past comments on the weapons are stoking bipartisan concerns about whether he is the right choice for the Department of Health and Human Services leadership.

Plus: Blake spoke last week with Amwell Co-CEO Dr. Edo Schoenberg. He shared the two criteria he has when researching potential acquisitions – and why market share isn’t one of those.

finally: The World Health Organization will not recommend the use of Gilead’s antiviral remdesivir for Covid-19 patients. Susie Nelson reports. This is because the drug does not appear to improve patients’ chances of survival. However, the drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in October.

I’ll be off next Friday so my next weekly download of healthcare news will be in your inbox in December (!). Meanwhile, I wish you all a safe and comfortable Thanksgiving Day. Me, I’ll try my first foot on a hike, I wish me luck!

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