British Airways prepares to resume travel with Covid test kits

London: British Airways struck a deal with a provider of Covid-19 test kits as airlines prepare to resume much-needed summer travel, which will likely include tests for passengers.

After months of lockdown, airlines are hoping to give Britain the green light from mid-May to resume holidays, boosting an industry whose finances have been hit by the pandemic.

But it was not clear how the group trips abroad would resume. The government will provide more information on April 12th.

Travel corridors, which have allowed unrestricted movement between Britain and some low-risk countries, could be re-entered, but there may also be requirements to take a negative Covid-19 test before leaving abroad and returning home.

British Airways (BA) said on Thursday that the new testing deal will make it easier for travelers to undergo testing when they are abroad to fulfill any requirements related to their return to Britain.

For £ 33, its passengers can purchase a test kit to be delivered home before they leave. They were taking the group outside and taking the test there, with guidance from a counselor via video call.

The result will be given within 20 minutes and a “Suitable To Fly” certificate will be downloaded to the customer’s phone.

BA said the deal with Qured for government-approved antigen test kits will remove uncertainty for customers unsure of where to get the test when they are abroad.

BA said the £ 33 price is discounted for its customers, and it compares to some alternative Covid-19 tests that can cost more than £ 100.

“As we look forward and prepare for a safe return for travel, we continue to focus on finding and providing the most appropriate and affordable test options for our clients,” said British Airways CEO Sean Doyle.

Traveling from the UK is currently banned for all but essential reasons.

For those who travel, there is a requirement to have three tests for Covid-19: one before departure, one on the second day after arrival, and one on the eighth day. Expats must also self-isolate for 10 days.

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