Bright Community Day in Pokemon GO Machop Community Day gives you 3 times more star dust for everyone

Today we’re taking a peek at the next Pokemon GO community day – Machop ready! Today includes an optional $ 1 ticket for special research called “Straight to the Top, Machop!” Also includes the Machop Community Day special package that will only be available one time (one purchase only) with Elite Charged TM.

Glossy Matchup Green, Glossy Matchup Fantastic! Shiny Machop evolves into a brilliant Machoke, then into a brilliant Machamp. The entire group looks as if it’s covered in mud – or has been blown away by a gamma ray. Wait a minute – is Shiny Machamp actually just another amazing mutated skeleton ?!

During this Machop Community Day, you’ll see a marked increase in Machop spawning and a much higher-than-usual availability of the Shiny version of the Machop. The event will see Photobomb shots by Machop – just snap the AR while gaming and you’ll see Machop appear in the photo, then out in the wild.

During the event, users will receive three times the normal amount of Stardust. Usually an event reinforces this thing by two. The incense that is dropped during this event will last for a full three hours.

If you develop Machop all the way to Machamp during the event (plus two hours afterward), you’ll get a special move called PAYBACK. This step cannot be learned outside of this event (for Pokemon), and cannot be found with non-elite TMs. This is an exclusive step!

Machop Community Day Event kicks off Saturday January 16, 2021 at 11 AM local time. The end of this event is on the same day, 5 PM local time (17:00). And remember – if you’re not looking for a Machop, you can still get that triple star dust to capture any other Pokemon out in the wild during the event. So save those pokepballs and get ready to be tossed like a wild fool for a full 6 hours!

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