Breath of a wild trick shot kills the Guardian from a kilometer away

The Breath of the Wild player recently fired an amazing trick shot by having Link take a goalkeeper over a kilometer away.

to me The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Recently a player managed to achieve one of the fiercest illusory shots in games by taking out the Guardian who was more than a kilometer away. Almost four years after its release, Game of the Year 2017 still has a large player base that seems to be continuing to find new things to do in Hyrule.

Despite being a huge game, Breath of the wildLongevity in recent years has been thanks to a moderate society. Such as Skyrim And many similar open-world games, mods have become part of the Breath of the Wild formula and they range from Too severe to silly silly. However, there are still some basic game elements that can be manipulated in wild ways to achieve amazing effects like Convert Link to Mr. Fantastic.

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The player “Breath of the Wild” from Japan bears the name Niko He posted to YouTube an amazing trick shot in which Link uses an old arrow to take out a guard 1400 meters away. Distance was calculated by combing the Bird Man Research Study mini-game with Some basic game glitches To get a seemingly accurate measurement. A detailed explanation of how this amazing shot was executed after the initial scene, giving players the opportunity to try it at home. Subtitles for the video are required for those who cannot read Japanese.

It wasn’t the first time Neko had been able to take off such a great shot. More creative long-range kills can be found equally on the player’s YouTube channel, although it does not have descriptions of how they were accomplished. None of Neko’s attempts appear to use any mods and they seem to be based solely on skill. This latest achievement appears to be their longest shot yet.

Whether fast travel is used in Skyrim Or subtly Manipulating physics in HelloIn video games, tricky shots have always been incredibly charming. The level of understanding and meticulousness used to perfectly line everything should be daunting, but in practice it seems quite easy. This particular The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The entry is arguably one of the games’ most impressive trick shots when one takes into account the distance along with how the game’s physics works. No matter how many times one watches, the wow factor is still there.

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Source: Niko / YouTube

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