Boris Johnson in solitary confinement after contact with a positive person

Boris johnson take no risk. On the evening of Sunday, November 15, a Downing Street spokesperson said in a statement that the British Prime Minister had put himself in solitary confinement after coming into contact with someone infected with the new coronavirus.

The head of government, seriously affected by Covid-19 several months ago, feels “good” and “no symptoms” of the diseasesaid the same source, adding that he would continue to work from Downing Street, “in particular to lead the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic”. Boris Johnson has been aware of the risks of contamination through the case tracking of the public health service, the NHS.

The length of the Prime Minister’s isolation was not specified, but in a case like this, It is in accordance with the regulations currently in force set in 14 days, according to the NHS website. Boris Johnson had met with a small group of MPs in Downing Street on Thursday morning, including Lee Ashfield, who He later developed symptoms and was diagnosed positive. The meeting lasted about 35 minutes.

Already infected last April

The Prime Minister intends to address the country during his isolation, according to Downing Street, and will provide more details when the time comes. You should study with the services of Parliament how you can participate in Parliament’s business. Boris Johnson, affected in April by Covid-19, spent about a week in the London hospital, including three days in intensive care. He had thanked the caregivers who “saved his life”, citing in particular the nurses present at his side during the 48 hours in which “everything could have changed”.

With nearly 52,000 deaths within 28 days of a positive test, the United Kingdom is the country most affected in Europe by the pandemic that has killed 1.3 million people worldwide. England are currently experiencing their second lockdown, scheduled to end on December 2, after four weeks.

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