Borage oil for an effective beauty ritual

Originally from Syria, the borage It is a species of plants whose multiple properties have been exploited since the Middle Ages. Its flowers and leaves can especially decorate salads. However, it is theBorraja’s oil most popular with consumers. Rich in essential fatty acids, especially omega-6, it is excellent for restoring vigor to skin and hair.

What is borage oil?

theBorraja’s oil it is primarily a beauty product from an annual plant with the scientific name ” Borago officinalis “(Borage). Part of the Boraginaceae, this is covered with violet flowers, with a strong and thick stem.Borraja’s oil, is produced from the seeds of this plant, following the flowering period. To preserve its quality, it must be extracted by a first cold pressing.

A true concentrate of benefits and flavors, it is especially effective to enjoy a 100% natural beauty routine. the borage oil benefits They are mainly due to its composition enriched in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

In detail, theBorraja’s oil It consists only of useful elements for the proper functioning of the body, in particular:


What are the benefits of borage oil?

theBorraja’s oil It is not only reserved for facials. Since the beginning of the 1st century, its leaves were already in frequent use for their purifying and sudorific properties. The ancient Greeks called this plant ” Euphrosine », Because it is rich in alkaloids, so it has euphoric effects.

During the Middle Ages, borage was considered a “magical” plant and aphrodisiac, because it gave confidence to men who wanted to be successful with women.

Also, the multiples borage benefits they were not a secret to the people of the Middle East. In fact, for centuries, theborage seed oil was already used by women to take care of their skin and them hair.

What are the virtues of borage oil on the skin?

The popularity ofborage vegetable oil it is justified by the many benefits it brings.

furthermore, theborraja’s oilContributes to the renewal of skin cells. What evening primrose oil, borraja’s oil it actually has an anti-wrinkle action.

How to use borage oil?

theorganic borage oil it is multipurpose.

However, be careful if you chooseorganic borage oil capsules, limit yourself to 2 to 4 capsules per day, divided into 2 doses.

Borage oil in the kitchen

next to borage oil benefits on face, the skin and the hairIt is also an edible product. It is especially recommended for those who want to enhance the flavor of their dish with a taste that is delicately reminiscent of an oyster. The leaves and stems can serve as a basic ingredient for your soup as well. While oil can improve your salads.

Furthermore, we sometimes mistakenly associate borage oil for weight gain. Rich in nutrients, however, it allows the body to function optimally, without asking for more than necessary. This is what it would allow borage oil as a food supplement to act as an appetite suppressant, which can help you lose weight.

Borraja's oil

How to make borage oil?

The extraction ofBorraja’s oil The first cold pressing involves the use of a hydraulic press. Here you have to use the seeds of the flower. The first juice obtained, greenish-yellow in color, will therefore be its oil. Of course, you can also make an oily mash made from dried, organic borage flowers. The preparation is so easy.

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