Bonus Pokemon GO XP “trick” and spotlight on Shiny Drowzee

The second sleepiest Pokemon in the Pokemon universe appeared in droves this evening at Pokemon GO’s Drowzee positional watch. This hour starts at 6 PM (18:00) local time and lasts one hour. Scheduled for March 9, 2021, this event will be your best time to find Shiny Drowzee after a long time.

Tonight, Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour focuses on Pokemon (096) Drowzee. This Pokemon evolves into Hypno, if you are excited about developments. This event will provide double experience points for developing Pokemon as well. Not just Drowzee – any Pokemon you develop during the duration of the event will give you twice the regular XP bonus.

Note: In Pokemon GO when looking for Pokemon that can be upgraded, use the search term “EVOLVE & EVOLVENEW” to see which Pokemon are available for evolution. You will get the biggest reward if you upgrade a Pokemon into a Pokemon that you haven’t registered before.

If you’re looking for some more drastic color changes in Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Drowzee and Hypno are a pair you should keep on your radar. They go from yellow-brown to light-violet, plum, pink, and almost white-pink!

The multi-device trick

Also: If you are looking to maximize the amount of XP you can gain during this event, load up Pokemon GO on multiple devices. You won’t get more XP from walking with your friend, or anything like that, but you can develop Pokemon faster.

With multiple devices open, you can press the “EVOLVE” button on one Pokemon, then press the EVOLVE button on a different Pokemon on another device before the first device evolution animation plays.

The amount of Pokemon that you can develop is higher if you are not waiting for the evolution animations to load for each Pokemon. This is all assuming you have enough Pokemon to evolve to make a difference. If you only have a few, then there is no point in using multiple devices.

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