Boho wardrobe essentials: spring + summer clothes

Loved by free spirits and gypsy spirits, boho fashion is comfortable, feminine, eclectic and carefree. Estos Boho wardrobe essentials for spring / summer They are investment pieces that work in every season.

From long, flowy dresses to a leather jacket that you must wear for years to come, here’s your guide to creating a stylish boho capsule style wardrobe. We are confident that you will be able to carry these simple essentials from season to season.

Upgrade your wardrobe with these boho fashion essentials

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Boho capsule wardrobe

Leather jacket | Hat | Leopard skirt

Flared skirt | Knit sweater | Boho top

Maxi dress | Fringe Pants | Midriff

The absolute boho-chic style guide for Spring / Summer

Red floral boho maxi dress

Wears: London maxi dress – Salty crush

1. The perfect maxi dress

Every boho babe needs a maxi dress in her collection. Wear it on the beach or have lunch with friends. Pair it with ankle boots in spring or gladiator sandals for a more beachy look. Choose from floral or bold prints to suit your style. It is an essential summer dress for weekend getaways and casual affairs.

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2. Leather jacket

If you’re going to invest in one quality piece that you’ll wear forever, this is it! Leather jacket fits everything. They are tough, yet feminine and look great with dresses, skirts or jeans. I wonder what shoes to wear with them? Anything goes.

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Boho maxi skirts

3. Maxi skirt

The beauty of a maxi skirt is that it can be paired with anything that elevates your look. They are grateful for every shape. We love the classic wrap skirt or the delicate low hem. Wear it over your favorite swimwear for the perfect beach day look. Pair it with a T-shirt and sneakers for a casual outing.

How to style a floppy bohemian skirt

  • Bikini top, boho hat and chunky necklace with flats
  • Graphic T-shirt, sandals and fringe bag
  • A loose fitting blouse, belt, and your favorite jewelry
  • Chunky knit and cowboy boots and belt
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4. Boho wardrobe essentials: bold prints

Do you need to revamp your wardrobe? A printed maxi or dress can take your look to the next level.

Bohemian capsule wardrobe

5. You must have a loose fitting blouse

The boho top is easy to wear with jeans, long skirts or shorts. Whether you prefer a sleeveless top style or a boho-chic floral print, these stylish, easy-to-use blouses are a must for any simple boho wardrobe.

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6. Warm knitted + cardigans

A knit or thick sweater is one of the staples you can wear every day in spring. They add that extra layer of protection when the weather is cold but not cold enough for a jacket. Neutral tones are lightweight and durable are always a plus! Wear it with jeans, long skirts, dresses or shorts.

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Boho mini dress

7. Stylish bohemian fashion: the little frock

Cute, comfortable and elegant. This classic little mini dress is easy to style and is an item that you can wear all year long. In the warmer months, wear it with sandals or sneakers. During the colder months, add tights, a comfortable jacket, and your favorite shoes.

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8. Boho jewelry + accessories

Want to stand out and make a statement? Jewelry, scarves, hats, headbands, and handbags can completely change the look of any bohemian outfit. If you are worried about wearing the same items over and over again, wear boho jewelry like big necklaces or a turquoise ring to switch things up.

Boho Accessories to add to your closet 

9. Embrace a fringe

For the bohemian girl who loves chic and hipster style, add some calm to your closet. Look for handbags, jackets, or wide-leg trousers with fringe detailing.

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Spring wardrobe minimalist capsule

Tips for creating a simplified capsule wardrobe

  • Neutral tones – These colors are easy to design and go with everything. Try blocking out the colors or adding a playful signature with a neutral jacket.
  • Accessory – necklaces, earrings, handbags, and hats. Invest in your favorite pieces to create different looks that you can wear or wear.
  • Daily necessities When shopping for clothes, think season to season. Most of the items we’ve mentioned on this list can be worn throughout the year. Add an accessory or coat for the winter, always a coat.
  • If you don’t wear it, donate it. It makes no sense to have something in your closet if you never use it. Give your fashion pieces a new life by donating items you don’t need.
  • Make it versatile. When creating your capsule wardrobe, you don’t have to focus on how many pieces you should include in your collection. When shopping, think about the different ways you can wear each piece. If it’s a one-time wear, it might not be worth the investment.
  • If it’s damaged, have it repaired. Quality clothing is built to last, but it can show signs of wear. Read the label to properly care for and wash your clothes. If you can’t sew a missing button, patch a hole, or remove a stain, ask a friend or seamstress for help.
  • Shop carefully. When buying something new, ask yourself – Will I wear it more than once? Can this be designed in different ways? Will I love this in a few years?
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Conclusion: Boho Vibes for spring / summer

From sweeping blouses, long, knit dresses, and wedges, fringe details add to it Boho wardrobe Necessities For your capusule set. Are you planning a weekend getaway or a beach adventure? Wear a T-shirt with a flared skirt and a classic boho hat. Do you need something elegant to wear to a wedding? Wrap dresses with flowing floral prints are perfect.

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