Blizzard Arcade set leaks hours before BlizzConline

Yesterday, a blizzard experienced details of it being leaked World of Warcraft: Shadowlands And the World of Warcraft Classic It was revealed by BlizzConline, an online-only alternative to what should have been BlizzCon 2020 in November. Now, more information has leaked, this time about a rumor Blizzard Arcade Collection, Which revisits the Blizzard classics from the past.

As Gematsu spotted on Twitter, European gaming rating agency PEGI has rated it Blizzard Arcade Collection, Include some details about the assembly in the process. According to the PEGI List, Blizzard Arcade Collection It will contain the first The Lost Vikings Game, Rock and Roll Music, And the Blackthorne.

These are all games that we fondly remember from the early Blizzard days, when they were getting Cans The concession is gone and before that Starcraft or A demon Even created. Interestingly, none of these games actually had arcade versions, and in fact all of them were initially released on Super NES.

One thing to note is that the PEGI listing shows today’s release date, Feb.19, for Blizzard Arcade Collection, So that might be a surprising drop during BlizzConline’s opening ceremony later today. The only platform included is PC, but if the game was a hit there, it’s not hard to imagine Blizzard bringing in Arcade Group To other platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation and Switch in the future.

We’ll just have to wait and see if it’s a file Blizzard Arcade Collection He got a surprise revelation during BlizzConline’s opening ceremony tonight. It starts at 2 PM PDT / 5 PM EST, and if that PEGI menu is any indication, fans of the Blizzard classic games will definitely want to tune in.

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