BioWare Anthem NEXT is no longer more than focusing on existing franchises

BioWare made a name for itself with its Dungeons & Dragons games but had few of its original IP addresses even back then. The game’s development studio made a sensation with its new features Dragon Age and Mass Effect, but after three major games each, doubts are starting to mount over whether BioWare still has what it takes to do something entirely new. If Anthem was supposed to be his answer, it wasn’t very good, and canceling his next version would likely raise those doubts.

The anthem came around the time of the big science fiction MMO games like Destiny and Titanfall but barely made it out the door. When it finally launched in 2019, it was inundated with complaints about its buggy systems and lackluster content. BioWare is credited with taking these criticisms seriously and promising to rework the game in what it calls Anthem NEXT. This, however, would not see daylight.

Like many recently packaged projects, products and events, Blame It’s been put squarely on the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it was technically possible to work from home, some game development workflows did not lend themselves fully to remote operations. The company also said they could have pushed for the results they originally wanted, but that would come at the cost of the team’s well-being.

As such, the studio decided to cancel Anthem NEXT completely. This is not to say that the online sci-fi RPG itself will go offline, just that the massive restructuring that was envisioned and promised by BioWare will not come true anymore. You’ll still be able to run Anthem, of course, but you’ll have to accept minor improvements and new content that the developers will keep pushing for.

However, how long this will last, BioWare doesn’t mention it. In the meantime, it says it will put its focus on existing games, including Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, the original Dragon Age and Mass Effect IP addresses, the latter already having a sequel coming.

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