Bigg Boss 14: Rahul and Aly giving a head bath to Rakhi Sawant with their own hands, watch the video

Bigg Boss 14 became very entertaining with the increase in episodes. The inventors released a promotion for one of today’s episodes. In this, Ali Guney and Rahul Vidya are seen bathing Rakhi Sawant with their hands. Rahul Vidya shampooed Rakhi’s hair, while Ali Kony conditioned it.

As the show approaches the conclusion of Bigg Boss 14, the good bonds and bonds between the family stack up side by side. Recently, Bigg Boss made nominations for family members. In this assignment, the reserved home space cannot be used in the name of the nominated contestant.

Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vidya, Devolina Bhattacharjee and Vikas Gupta were all nominated for evacuation at home. No contestant may use the home of the designated area. These areas contain a gym, spa, block 1 and block 2. blocks 1 and 2 contain bathrooms that the contestants cannot use. That is, no member could be at home.

Rakhi reached the pool with a bucket

But Rakhi Sawant found a way to take a shower and when she was taking a bath, Rahul Vidya and Ali Goni helped her in her bath. Rahul Vidya applies shampoo to Rakhi’s head and Johnny is the conditioner. Rakhi enjoys bathing with both hands. Rahul and Ali make fun of Rakhi’s bath.

Watch the Rakhi bath video here

Rahul shampoo application

In fact, due to the ban on using the bathroom, Rakhi Sawant goes to the pool with a bucket and starts bathing near it. Then Rahul Vidya comes and pours water with his hand on Rakhi’s head, shampooing it and also washing the hair. Meanwhile, Ali Guney is seen practicing in front of Rakhi in a funny manner.

Put on a balsam

After that, Rakhi says Ali Kony will put conditioner in her hair. Then she puts a conditioner on her hair and poured cold water on her head. Rakhi, shivering from cold water. This episode of Rakhi’s bath is coming tonight. Manufacturers have also released a promotional video for it.

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