Biden warns of a “very bleak winter”, stressing the need to mitigate the Corona virus

Washington – President-elect Joe Biden issued an urgent appeal Monday to Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill to put aside their political differences and reach consensus on a coronavirus relief bill as the nation prepares for a “very dark winter.” Corona Virus The infection is escalating.

“The Democrats and Republicans refuse to cooperate with each other, not because of a mysterious force beyond our control,” Biden said in his remarks on the economy after his meeting with business and business leaders. “It’s a conscious decision. It’s a choice we make.”

Mr. Biden said that the American people are desperate for elected officials on both sides to “cooperate” and “achieve results” that alleviate the economic pain caused by the epidemic, and called on Congress to “come together and pass a coronavirus relief package” such as the Heroes Act, a package worth 3 A trillion dollars She passed by the house in May. However, the measure did not begin in the Republican-led Senate, with Republicans standing in trouble with fellow Democrats over the size and scope of the upcoming economic relief bill.

Biden stressed the need for Congress to provide federal aid to state and local governments, many of which are facing budget deficits due to the sharp drop in revenues due to the coronavirus crisis, and warned that continued inaction could lead to layoffs of emergency workers.

“The idea that the president is still playing golf and not doing anything about it is out of my understanding,” said the president-elect. “what’s he doing?”

Biden outlines the economic response to the pandemic


The President-elect’s statements on his economic agenda followed a teleconference in Wilmington, Delaware, and came in the form of The stock market jumped In the news that the Coronavirus vaccine Moderna has proven approximately 95% effective.

While Mr. Biden praised the efforts of Moderna and Pfizer, which Advertise Last week, human trials indicated that Coronavirus vaccine 90% effective, he repeated his calls for Americans to adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

“We are on our way to a very dark winter,” he said. “It will get more difficult before it gets easier.”

In the days following his victory in the presidential election, Biden announced a COVID-19 advisory board made up of doctors and scientists, which will lay out a blueprint for confronting the pandemic once his administration takes office. But Mr. Biden said that his team needs access to the Trump administration’s plans to distribute a vaccine for the Corona virus, which he described as a “huge project”, in order to fully prepare for the epidemic as soon as he takes office.

“If we have to wait until January 20 to start this planning, it will make us more than a month, a month and a half late,” he said. “So it is important to have coordination now or now or as quickly as we can get that done.”

Biden warned that if the incoming administration did not coordinate with the Trump administration, “more people could die.”

As the president-elect moves forward with his move to take over the White House, Mr Trump has yet to give up the election, and the General Services Administration has yet to confirm Biden as the likely winner, preventing his team from accessing federal funding, resources, and agency staff.

The president-elect said he has spoken with some Republicans and hopes the president will be “more enlightened before we get to January 20”.

Biden said of the president’s decision not to concede the elections: “I find this matter more embarrassing for the country than weakening my ability to start.”

The president-elect also sent a message to the Republicans who continue to defend Mr Trump.

He said, “I will work with you.” “I understand a lot of your hesitation due to the way the president works.”

In statements to Biden, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris said that she and the President-elect had a “important conversation” about the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on workers with business leaders and the country’s leading workers.

“Now is where the real work begins – the necessary work, the good work to get this virus under control,” Harris said.

The Vice President-elect acknowledged that the coming months will be difficult as the nation witnesses an increase in coronavirus cases, but said that she and Mr. Biden are “hitting the Earth quickly.”

“We all know that the challenges facing America today are great,” she said. “The American people deserve no less, and we have no moment to waste.”

In the period leading up to his speech, Mr. Biden’s transition office said it would discuss how to ensure “the ability of our workers and companies to operate safely and rebuild our economy to be more resilient and inclusive” and “how our economy is intertwined with the virus.”

The economic briefing included the following participants from the private sector and trade unions, all of whom indicated that they were “ready to meet” and “sang from the same hymn,” Mr. Biden said:

  • Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors
  • Brian Cornell, CEO and Chairman of Target
  • Rory Gamble, president of the Auto Workers Union
  • Mary Kay Henry, President of SEIU
  • Satya Nadella, President and CEO of Microsoft
  • Mark Perrone, UFCW President
  • Lee Saunders, President of AFSCME
  • Sonia Singhal, CEO of Gap
  • Richard Trumka, President of AFL-CIO

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