Biden accuses Trump of “unleashing an assault on institutions”

Calm has returned to Washington after the invasion of the Capitol by pro-Trump activists. On Thursday, January 7, President-elect Joe Biden accused Donald Trump of having “unleashed a ruthless assault on “American democratic institutions, after this unprecedented violence perpetrated at the headquarters of Congress.

Yesterday was in my eyes one of the darkest days in our historyJoe Biden lamented. The president-elect also called those who participated in the riots ‘terrorists’. On Wednesday, Donald Trump addressed the crowd, encouraging his supporters to move towards Congress, before posting a video in the that he repeated without proof that the election had been “stolen” from them.

The next president of the United States, who will be installed in the White House in thirteen days, said he was convinced that Anti-racist protesters were reportedly treated “very differently” Donald Trump supporters who wreaked havoc in Washington the day before. “They would have been treated very, very differently from the surly crowd that invaded the Capitol. We all know that is true, and it is unacceptable,” he denounced from his Wilmington stronghold.

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