Between scandals and Covid, the queen’s fortune collapses

The chips follow one another for Queen Elizabeth. After the scandal of the interview with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, his fortune plummeted. This is the Covid effect. The gigantic domain of the Crown, which is worth around fifteen billion euros, actually belongs to the Nation, but is managed by the Queen.

The domain of the Crown includes a large number of stores and shopping centers, or the famous Apcot racecourse. In particular, the estate owns the entirety of Regent Street, a prestigious luxury shopping artery in central London, 2 kilometers long. Also has thousand historical buildings and countless properties throughout the country, as well as 400 nature reserves.

And now the restaurants and shops, 150 on Regent Street alone, were closed due to the epidemic. The tenants want to renegotiate their rent, to make it proportional to the assistance. needless to say the queen will lose. It is notably a creditor of the fast food chains Pizza Hut and Pizza Express.

How much earn?

In the days of its splendor, it almost gave way 400 million euros a year. Because there are also very profitable assets. Long stretches of British coastline, for example, whose rental was the subject of a very recent auction for the installation of giant wind turbines.

What are these 400 million euros for?

In fact, since a 2012 reform, all income from the Crown estate has been paid to the British Treasury, who returns 15% to the Queen for her expenses (60 million euros). This is called an actual allocation. It is used to pay the hundreds of people who work for the crown, travel, hospitality and restoration work at Buckingham Palace, the official residence in London, which is in disrepair. In addition to this assignment, the Queen and members of the royal family each have their own private wealth.

What does this private fortune represent?

In particular, there is the Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, bought by Queen Victoria. There are one of the most beautiful paintings collections in the world, with Vermeers, Rembrandts. There is also jewelry and a large estate, Lancaster, which generates taxable money. This still represents 400 million about. That is much, much less than the fortune of the inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner or that of the captain of industry Richard Branson.

Does Prince Harry have a personal fortune too?

Having broken with the royal family, Prince Harry will no longer benefit from the royal allowance. And he even promised to repay the work he had done at his official residence, Frogmore’s cabin. There had been for 3 million euros approximately and reimburses 20,000 euros per month.

We can’t say it’s a pittance for Prince Harry because he inherited his mother Diana’s fortune. 10 million, and also from her grandmother Elizabeth in anticipation, just like her brother. He and his wife Megan just bought a property of 13 million in Santa Barbara, California, and sign a mega agreement with Netflix to produce documentaries and television shows, according to the British newspaper Telegraph.

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