Best of CES 2021: Lockly Duo

Lockly Duo is one of the most advanced smart locks we’ve seen to date, if not at the top of that list.

Company calledLockleyAbout a new product at this year’s CES, the Lockly Duo smart lock. We decided to give the company one of the awards we got for this, because it is a really impressive device. Lockly Duo is easily one of the most advanced smart locks to date. This company caught our attention last year, with Lockly Vision, and Lockly Duo was able to do the same this year.

Lockly Duo is a dual-in-one latch and smart deadbolt lock, which is what makes it even more interesting. This single device combines two security features in one. The company is already in the process of obtaining a patent for the double locking technology it uses in this smart lock. We’ll talk about it more below.

Double-win lock technology

Why is Lockly’s Dual-Locking Technology so great? Well, for the absolute truth, it combines the above mentioned security features in one device. You basically get all the benefits in one device, without the drawbacks. Double locking technology secures both the latch and the lock in one movement. So, all you have to do is close your door and lift the latch up, that’s it.

What if your door had separate locks for the door handle and door handle? Well that’s not a problem at all, that’s where Lockly Duo shines the most. Instead of opening both of them separately, this device will do so at the same time. Once you install this product you are good to go, and you won’t have to unlock them separately.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support

You can even enable Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support on this smart locker. You will need to pair this smart lock with the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub, and you are good to go. Lockly uses a 3D fingerprint scanner to increase the security on this smart lock. Some of you might wonder what happens if a guest comes to visit. Well this is not a problem as you can provide him / her with an offline access code that they can use on your keyboard.

Yes, Lockly Duo comes with a numeric keypad. It actually uses Lockly’s Pin Genie, a hack-proof security layer that conveys numbers onto the screen, so people around you can’t guess what you’re writing based on your hand movements. Now, every time someone opens the door, you will be notified via the app. It would be impossible to enter your home through the door without your knowledge.

Nice appearance and easy to install

Some people may hesitate to get a smart lock mainly because it needs to be installed. It is a process that many people postpone. Well, you can always hire a professional, but that’s not necessary here. The company claims that anyone can install this smart lock, as long as we are talking about standard doors. The company designed it this way, so it’s easy to install.

This smart lock also looks great. We haven’t had a chance to personally check it out yet, but it looks great. You’ll also see the keyboard that we talked about in a featured image and the fingerprint scanning area underneath it. Lockly announced two color variants for this product, the Matte Black and Satin Nickel options. And yes, physical keys are included so even if the batteries are dead, you’ll be able to enter your home without a problem.

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