Barack Obama excludes joining Joe Biden’s cabinet: ‘Michelle would leave me’

This is not a return to politics for Barack Obama. Much invested in Joe Biden’s campaign, however, the former Democratic president assured on Sunday, October 15, in a maintenance granted to the canal CBS, that he would not be part of the government of his former right-hand man. And this for a specific reason: “Michelle (Obama) would leave me. ” assured full of humor.

When asked if he was considering a position at the Biden firm, Obama says while imitating his wife: “There are some things I won’t do because Michelle would leave me. She said: ‘What? What do you do ?’“In full promotion of the first volume of his memoirs, the 44th US president, returns in his book on the sacrifices his wife and family had to make during their time in the White House.

“More than once, Michelle decided not to take advantage of a (professional) opportunity that excited her but would have required spending too much time away from the girls,” she writes. “With my election (as president), she was forced to leave a job with real impact, for a role (of first lady) that was too modest for her talent.”

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