Baking soda – a multi-purpose ingredient.

Also know as sodium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate, the sodium bicarbonate It is a product that we are used to using every day. In fact, we no longer count the number of times we request the latter. A stubborn stain that can’t be removed? the sodium bicarbonate is the solution for a cleaning effective. Do you want to bake a cake and the yeast is missing? Don’t panic, the sodium bicarbonate it is also perfect for the kitchen. You or a loved one suffer from stomach burn ? This magic powder can help you solve this problem.

In short, so manyuse of sodium carbonate which simplifies our daily life. Also, used with other products, it becomes even more formidable. To name just the mix baking soda and vinegar.

What is the difference between conventional and food sodium bicarbonate?

Have you ever wondered what the real difference is between sodium bicarbonate and the sodium bicarbonate technique (classic) when they seem to look the same?

To begin with, we know very well that we do not buy these two ingredients in the same department. The other is in the food section while the other is at the end of the maintenance section. However, despite their different uses, they are made from the same molecules, including calcium carbonate and sodium chloride, BUT not in the same quantity, quality, and purity. Sodium bicarbonate for food, in particular, undergoes many tests and goes through many processes before being sold on the market. As a result, its quality and purity are assured compared to its analog. And that is why one is intended for nutrition and hygiene while the second is used solely for cleaning.

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda – a versatile product!

Simplify your life by having the sodium bicarbonate infallible.

Its use in health and hygiene

Slightly alkaline, the pH of baking soda can neutralize multiple diseases. If you have a problem with stomach acid, for example, this is the natural remedy to have on hand. It is also a natural treatment of cystitis and it is very possible treat yeast infection naturally with baking soda in foot bath. In short, nothing better to maintain and recover your well-being!

Besides, it also whiten your teeth with dietary sodium bicarbonate ! To do this, dilute it with water to obtain a paste and brush your teeth with this mixture after the usual brushing. You will see results after one month of use. However, we would like to warn you that you should not abuse this ingredient, once a week is more than enough to preserve your email. And if you want to maintain impeccable oral hygiene, perform a mouthwash with baking soda.

But that is not all ! Baking soda can also be used as a natural deodorant. Indeed, it has the ability to reduce odors. Simply dampen your armpits slightly and apply the product. And now, voila.

Its use in the kitchen

In the kitchen, sodium bicarbonate works wonders. This miracle powder has not really finished surprising us. For your cakes, it can act very well as an organic yeast. To neutralize the acid taste of foods (grapefruit and the like), lightly sprinkle them with baking soda. And if you want tender and crunchy meats at the same time, let them marinate with this product. There are no shortage of recipes, just a few clicks and the use of it in the kitchen will have no secrets for you.

Bleaching agent

Its use in maintenance

For a deep and effective cleaning, nothing like soda crystals or baking soda classic. Eliminate bad odors from your home, refrigerator and toilets by using it wisely. For this, the principle is simple: put some crystals or powders on the target areas.

Likewise, removing stubborn stains is also his specialty. For this it is necessary to mix it with citric acid or white vinegar. Subsequently, you will only have to let the solution act for about fifteen minutes and finish with rinsing the surface to be cleaned.

For the rest, Green Cube Marseille soap is the practical solution that Kazidomi offers you to make your dishes and bedding shine. It already contains everything you need to get rid of clutter. In addition, you can use it for your showers, especially since it is naturally hydrating thanks to the olive oil. Also discover our discovery maintenance kit composed of efficient, economical and ecological products.

And finally, to keep the washing machine as it should, clean it with 1 l of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda by running the machine at 90 ° C for one or two minutes.

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