Auto Chess is heading to the PS5 next week with DualSense and Cross-play features

We’ve seen a number of auto fighting games appearing in the past two years, and now it’s the one that started it all on PlayStation 5. Sony and Drodo Studio have announced that Automatic chess – View independently from a file Chess game Dota Auto The mod that’s starting the fully automatic battle craze – it’s coming to PlayStation 5 next week, and it will ship with one of the console’s marquee features.

This feature is haptic feedback, although in a game like Automatic chessIts applications may be somewhat limited. However, Drodo Studio says that whenever you mark a chess piece, win a battle, or defeat an enemy, you will get a “counter jolt for the DualSense controller,” so it looks like you’re the best in the match, working more on the tactile feedback of the unit DualSense Control.

We can also expect “unreal load times” in the PlayStation 5 version of the game, along with the improved visuals. PlayStation 5 players will also have access to an exclusive chess player called Date Masamune (pictured below), but it’s unclear if this is DLC, and PS5 players will need to pay for it or if they will get it for free. Ago Automatic chess It’s free to play, and we think it’s the first, but we’ll find out when Automatic chess Will arrive next week.

There will also be cross-play available on the PlayStation 5 version of Automatic chess, So you’ll get to team up with (and challenge) folks who play on PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile versions of the game, too. The launch of the PS5 for Automatic chess It will also match the launch of Season 11, which will feature a new chess card to buy and a new chess piece called Space Walker to try.

While car fights may be more specialized these days than they were at the height of popularity, it seems that Drodo Studio’s strategy here is to bring its game to the place of competition (i.e. Teamfight Tactics) No. Automatic chess Season 11 starts on March 28th Automatic chess It arrives for PS5 only two days later on March 30th, so car enthusiasts looking for something to play on the PS5 should keep an eye out for it.

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