Austria to conduct a massive test to shorten containment

Slovakia has decided that it will put its entire population to the test to curb the coronavirus epidemic. In an attempt to reduce the duration of the confinement that will take effect on Tuesday, November 17, Foreign Minister Sebastián Kurz announced that theAustria will carry out a large-scale Covid-19 testing campaign.

Hinting at the decision of the Slovak neighbor, Sebastian Kurz told public radio ORF: “We decided, here in Austria (…) follow the same path “. Two-thirds of the population were tested two weeks ago, which resulted in just over 1% positive.

The day before, the Austrian Chancellor had announced a strengthening of anti-coronavirus measures, with the closure of non-essential schools and stores from Tuesday to December 6, in order to stop the outbreak of contamination. At the same time, he urged his fellow citizens to avoid all contact.

“A logistical challenge”

On Sunday, the head of government explained that large-scale tests could allow the country to restart in December, without specifying whether this program would be on the same scale as in Slovakia. “We know that many people care about power Celebrate Christmas) minimum, with at least some of his relatives, “he said.

“We want to configure Full-scale testing at the end of the closure so that schools and other areas can safely reopen.“said the foreign minister, adding that teachers would be among the first evaluated. The government will give more details next week on this project, which will be” a logistical challenge. ”

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